Pain in the neck?

August 2020

Pain in the neck?

Mobile culture’s effect on our health Never before in history have we looked down toward our feet with such frequency and duration. “Text neck” and other back problems are serious health concerns that result directly from continuously staring down with a flexed neck, curved spine, and rounded shoulders as we communicate and play games via …

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Protect your health

The best ways to ward off infection While the world is focused on the rapid spread of COVID-19, the global public health community echoes what the natural health community already knows: prevention is the most important weapon against illness. Here, we’re offering a refresher course on the best practices for protecting yourself—and supporting your immune …

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Try a beach workout

Fitness in the open air If you’ve never before worked out on the beach, you’re missing out. It’s free, the scenery is beautiful, and sweating in the sand also gives you more return on investment! Sand training offers less muscle and joint soreness, greater capacity for cardiovascular fitness, enhanced agility and power potential, and improved …

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