Become an Optimist


Become an Optimist

Learn how to lighten your outlook Have you ever looked on in awe, or with envy, at the positivity of others? Optimism isn’t just genetics or good fortune; it’s an empowering skill—one that comes with many benefits to our well-being. Here’s why—and how—to cultivate optimism. Explanatory styles Our explanatory style is the way in which …

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5 Everyday Superfoods

Do you have these staples in your pantry? The word “superfood” tends to be associated with exotic-sounding berries and seeds—but what about the nutrient-dense, disease-fighting foods that we already know and love? Here are five overlooked superfoods that deserve some space on our plates, too. In fact, you likely have at least a couple of …

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Superfood Truffles

Better-for-you sweets The word “superfood” is thrown around quite a bit these days, but the images these foods bring to mind are not always the most exciting. By bringing together everyday ingredients with a touch of the exotic and a drizzle or two of dark chocolate, superfoods never looked (or tasted!) so good. Raw Chocolate …

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