3 exercises for your outdoor workout


Cook with berries

Summer is ripe with possibility When most people think of berries, they think of desserts and smoothies, but they’re great in savory dishes too! Give these a try and see for yourself. Chipotle Strawberry Chicken Grilled Cheese The unique mix of sweet-fiery berry sauce, meaty chicken, oozy brie and peppery arugula makes this a grilled …

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Rewire your brain!

How neuroplasticity could work for you Not that long ago, the medical community believed that brain power peaked in early midlife … and then inevitably declined. But since the last century, we’ve learned a great deal about the plasticity of our brains. That’s good news for all of us. “Neuroplasticity” refers to the ability of …

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Live in the moment

Tricks to end the feeling that time’s flying by When you’re a kid, time seems limitless. Every day passes with syrupy slowness, and years stretch out like taffy. No wonder many conversations start with, “How is it [insert current month here] already?” If you catch yourself repeating that phrase every 30 days, read on. It’s …

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