All about your natural health retailer

All about your natural health retailer

We need them now more than ever

While physically distancing and staying home to limit the spread of COVID-19, keeping our pantries stocked with healthy food options and necessary household supplies has been a top priority. If your local natural health retailer isn’t one of your go-to destinations for stocking up on supplements to support our diet and keep our immune systems strong, local, organic food and product as well as day-to-day items, you’re missing out.

For our children and ourselves, natural health retailers offer a wealth of products, resources, education, and encouragement, and have been a welcome ally during the COVID-19 crisis.

An exceptional shopping experience

Walking into a natural health store is a completely different experience than walking into a conventional grocery store or supermarket. Whether it’s a large health chain or a small, independent store, the vibe is calmer, happier, and, well, healthier.

Natural health stores are also putting in the work to adapt to the current COVID-19 climate, with some businesses offering pickup or delivery options for those practicing physical distancing, as well as having organized distancing rules for shoppers in-store.

One-stop shopping

Don’t confuse small with inadequate! Natural health retailers of all sizes boast many departments, including

  • organic produce
  • bread and baked goods
  • deli and premade food, or juice/smoothie/coffee bars
  • dairy and meat (with organic, free-range, local, and grass-fed options)
  • dry goods and groceries (including gourmet and artisanal goodies)
  • bulk goods
  • supplements
  • beauty, hair, and skin care products
  • eco-friendly home products and natural cleaning supplies
  • fitness and yoga products
  • gifts, books, and greeting cards
  • pet food and supplies
  • floral departments (look for local and Fair Trade options)

Full-service shopping

And just like a mainstream store, many natural health retailers offer all the bells and whistles we’ve come to expect, including

  • coupons, flyers, sales, and newsletters
  • loyalty and reward programs
  • samples and demos
  • weekend and extended hours
  • product guarantees and return policies
  • gift certificates

Unique in every way

While many mainstream stores do stock organics and natural supplements, they typically do so without the specialization, knowledge, and exceptional customer service that comes from a trip to a natural health retailer.

Simply put, when we shop at natural health retailers, we’re supporting the pillars of preventive health. And in with the COVID-19 outbreak affecting businesses around the world, they need our support now more than ever.


No matter the category, natural health retailers provide customers with a breadth of selection not found anywhere else. Certain brands pride themselves on being stocked only at natural health retailers, rather than big-box conventional stores. And when it comes to certain food categories, such as gluten-free and vegetarian choices, many conventional retailers may not have the space or clientele to support a large selection.

Compared to some products for sale online, those sold in natural health retailers are approved for sale as effective and high quality. “Nowadays with online shopping, I think it’s more important than ever to have reliable natural health retailers,” explains one longtime manager of a successful independent natural health retailer.

Expert staff

Knowledge is power. This couldn’t be more accurate than when it comes to health information. Whether it’s in person, over the phone, or through an email, natural retailer staff members are trained to help you find what’s best for your health.

Many retailers employ staff members who are trained in nutrition, herbalism, naturopathy, aromatherapy, holistic healing, homeopathy, or sports and fitness. As a result, consumers can have in-depth conversations with expert staff who can speak to the quality of products and label integrity, specialty diets and recipes, and health conditions.

In addition to offering advice, natural health retailers support customer education and empowerment through

  • providing publications free to customers, such as alive magazine, literature on health conditions and products, and recipes
  • hosting educational sessions, seminars, and lectures with leading health experts
  • bringing in guest specialists for one-on-one consultations

Similarly, retail owners and managers invest in their staff because they know how important proper training is. In addition to providing training seminars (to stay up-to-date with the latest products, cutting-edge innovation, and trends) and sending staff to educational trade shows, they often support staff in further education.

The alive Academy Nutritional Consulting program and the alive Academy Natural Product Advisor course are perfect examples of this education, as graduates are well-equipped to answer questions about products, ingredients, and health concerns.

Community love

This community integration is seen through fundraising efforts, supporting community events, donating to charitable causes, and hosting special days and celebrations.

It seems that empowering people to lead healthy lifestyles and become advocates for their wellness goals goes hand in hand with supporting one’s neighborhood and fostering a strong community connection. And in this current timeline, we need to embrace support wherever and whenever we can.

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