Beyond “strong is the new skinny”

Train for strength and a healthy relationship with our bodies “Strong not skinny.” It’s a familiar phrase among female fitness enthusiasts. You’ve likely noticed it creeping into discussions at the gym, in posts on fitness-focused social media accounts, or displayed on women’s workout tops. It’s a positive change—a productive development for women’s body image, right? …

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Stop and reflect

Why, and how, to look deeper In the daily grind of constant doing, reflection can feel a far way off. Yet, without practising reflection upon what we’re doing, how we’re going about it, and why, that very doing can lose its meaning. Why reflect? For Jean Tsai, registered psychotherapist and counsellor, to reflect is to …

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Ageless immunity

Strong immunity at every stage of life Your immune system faces different challenges at different stages of your life. Here’s how to give it everything it needs, no matter your age. Tots and toddlers The moment you leave the safety of your mother’s womb, your body is exposed to viruses, bacteria, and a host of …

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