Take time for yourself over the holidays

Take time for yourself over the holidays

4 tips for a more enjoyable season

We know the holidays can be a crazy time of year, rivaled only, perhaps, by the first few weeks of September when the kids head back to school and everyone has new schedules. With some planning, delegating, and deep breathing, it is possible to make time for yourself and—bear with us—enjoy the season.

Whoa … take a time out!

When our kids are throwing temper tantrums or getting overwhelmed, sometimes a good time out can be soothing. Why don’t we ever use this logic on ourselves? Next time you’re feeling like a ticking time bomb, take a step back and have some me-time. If you’re not sure what would bring you the most relaxation, try a few proven methods, such as drawing, journaling, taking a long, hot bath, or get contemplative and reflective with some yoga or meditation.ADVERTISEMENT

Simplify your shopping

Do what works best for you! Maybe it’s giving homemade presents like preserves or baked goods, giving gift cards or cash, or even giving less in general! Remember that the holidays are about spending time with friends and family, not about how much you spend or how elaborate your gifts are. You might even consider giving experience gifts such as time together, classes, meals, or passes to local attractions.

Delegate, already

So, you could stress out over the fact that the fork and knife are on the wrong sides of the plate, or you could be happy that your 10 year old was able to take one task away from you and set the table. Plus, telling your parents “look what a beautiful job Alex did at setting the table!” will make for smiles all-around. Whether it’s giving simple tasks to the kids, or asking guests to each bring a dish to the party, delegating some of your typical chores can be oh-so rewarding.

Get moving

Whether it’s deep breathing exercises or a hardcore holiday workout, just getting outside of yourself by moving. You can get the whole family involved for a healthy activity together, or take it as some more me-time. Consider winter activities such as snowshoeing, skiing, or even making a good old-fashioned snowman!

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